The Twelve

It is one of the climactic events in all of biblical history. The Israelites had wandered in the wilderness 40 years as a punishment for distrusting the Lord’s care when He first brought them to Canaan. But now before them lay a land richer than their dreams and more fruitful than their hopes and more beautiful than their imagination and only the Jordan River stood in their way. It represented both an obstacle and the pathway to the land that God had promised them.

It is a poignant moment as they traverse the riverbed of the Jordan, opened for them by the miraculous power of God. Behind them, they leave the wearying decades of meandering around in a barren wilderness and the tragic memories of countless funerals for an entire generation of people who would not trust God’s promises. Slavery in Egypt and the bare survival of nomadic life are bygone experiences now.

When the Israelites crossed over the Jordan river into the Promised Land, God commanded Joshua to choose 12 men to go back into the middle of the river and take out 12 stones and bring them out onto the shore. Stacking these stones together as a testimony of God’s protection and promise, and leaving a tangible reminder of the faithfulness of God. These 12 stones testified for generation the willingness of a people to leave what they had known in order to go with God, to face challenges to their faith, to step into the water, to believe in what they could not see. This is the outcome when the implausible meets the promises of God.

Those 12 stones that at one point were buried, unreachable, covered by a challenge to the faith of God’s people, were now divinely accessible. They were then stacked in the land of their inheritance as a sign, an unmistakable marker at the very place where God demonstrated His power to overcome any obstacle to His will. A consecrated memorial, a preemptive marker of our confidence in God. Not a memorial to us, but to Him.

 Those twelve stones were to be a reminder to each one that made the crossing that day. Each one had a story to tell. A reminder not only for the one who crossed over on dry ground but also for future generations to know that God today is just as willing to bring His people through seemingly impassable circumstances into a new land of promise.

Read Joshua 4

Between the realization of this dream God has planted in our hearts and where we are now, there stands some daunting boundaries.

Our desire is to consecrate the very ground that Project 12 Collective is built for God’s glory. That through the activating, inspiring and equipping of God’s women the Kingdom will be advanced and Christ’s church strengthened. We build a consecrated memorial, a preemptive maker of our confidence in God. For God’s glory and to make Him known.

Project 12 Collective believes that God’s desire is for His people to work together; following His lead in the power of His Spirit will make unprecedented Kingdom impact. And that through championing, and equipping His women in their unique giftedness, by the power of His Spirit, God’s Kingdom will be advanced.